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Booster Club Q & A

Q:What types of things does the Booster Club pay for?

A: Booster Club pays for a variety of things. Below is a list of items which includes some items Boosters cover:

  • Summer Team Camp Registration/lodging/travel
  • HUDL program
  • Contribution to LHS Weight Room
  • Meals for the boys when they travel to away games
  • Game Programs
  • Parent night/Senior night awards
  • Volunteer coaches
  • Fall League registration
  • Hospitality rooms during State Tournament play
  • End of Year Banquet
  • Gift of appreciation for all players at End of Year Banquet
  • Past contributions included: shooting machine, new player warm-ups, computer.

Q: How do Boosters Raise the money?

A: Boys basketball has 3 avenues of fundraising at this time. They include:

  • (1)Krispy Kreme sales in June/right before summer bball camp
  • (2) Coupon Card Sales in November at beginning of bball season
  • (3) LHS Spring Blowout Youth Basketball Tourney, in March.


Q: How can I get involved and help with fundraising?

A: Your Booster Reps will welcome all assistance in fundraising for our boys. Please contact a rep and let them know you are available to participate. Also, during the Spring Blowout Tournament, all parents and players are expected to volunteer time and work the tournament. Help is needed in gate sales, concessions, court monitoring, clean up. Your Booster Reps will assign times for volunteers to participate. J


Q: What are other ways I can “get involved” with Boys Basketball?

A: Each class needs a Booster Rep. Contact the Senior Rep and let her know if you care to participate on the committee. In addition, other ways to participate is through providing team meals, doing towel activity, hosting a parent after game gathering.